Buckley A Precinct - Superlot

Market Segment: Intertenancy Terraced Housing Systems Location: Auckland
Year: 2019 Product Used: 78mm KOROK panels
Client: Universal Homes Architect: Construkt Architects
Builder: Universal Homes Installer: 

Buckley A Precinct – Superlot BA29: A Model of Modern Living

Nestled in Hobsonville Point, North Shore, the Buckley A Precinct’s Superlot BA29 showcases modern residential living, a result of the collaboration between Construkt Architects and Universal Homes. This development introduces a range of homes from single-bedroom apartments to spacious six-bedroom terraces, aimed at accommodating diverse needs and budgets.

Architectural Elegance Meets Functional Design

Designed by Construkt Architects, Superlot BA29 stands out for its thoughtful layout and aesthetic appeal, emphasizing a blend of terraced homes and garden apartments that enhance the community vibe. The project boasts features like balconies, full-height windows, and gabled frontages, adding character to the streetscape while ensuring privacy and security.

Quality Construction by Universal Homes

The vision brought forward by Construkt Architects was turned into reality with the precision and expertise of Universal Homes. Their dedication to quality has resulted in a development that not only meets the aesthetic and functional requirements but also prioritizes resident safety and comfort.

Innovating withKOROK Intertenancy Terraced Housing Systems

A key feature of this project is the use of KOROK® Intertenancy Terraced Housing Systems, which enhance fire safety and sound insulation between homes. Unlike traditional methods that depend on internal wall linings for fire resistance, the KOROK® system uses a smarter approach by placing a main fire barrier between the housing frames. This setup enhances the structural integrity against fire by having aluminium brackets that melt under high heat on the fire-affected side, allowing that section to detach while keeping the rest of the structure secure.

Furthermore, this system greatly improves sound insulation between homes, contributing to a quieter, more serene living environment. The combination of fire-resistant materials and thoughtful design minimizes sound transmission, elevating resident comfort and privacy.

KOROK systems used in this project

Terraced housing diagram illustrating KOROK intertenancy system

Intertenancy Terraced Housing Systems

In terraced housing and town houses, conventional framed wall systems rely on the internal linings for fire-resistance. Penetrating these linings potentially destroys the fire-rated barrier. In the KOROK® Intertenancy System the main fire barrier located between frames is designed to protect the structure on the side opposite the fire.

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