Costco Wholesale Looking Good and Standing Strong

Market Segment: Warehouse, Retail, Factory Wall Systems Location: Auckland
Year: 2021 Product Used: 78mm KOROK panels GEN 2
Client: Architect: Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects
Builder:  Installer: 

Costco is the world’s second largest retailer after Walmart, with over 273,000 employees and 803 store locations worldwide. Originally founded in Seattle in 1983, it had net sales of $163B in 2020.

Built on a difficult site and during a pandemic, the first Costco store opened in New Zealand in October 2022. Costco Auckland is located at 2 Gunton Drive, Westgate in the suburb of Massey and is part of the Westgate Shopping Centre, one of New Zealand’s largest master planned urbanisation projects and the hub for the large and rapidly expanding communities of Auckland’s Northwest. The building comprises of 15,000m² of ground floor retail, and overhead parking for over 800 cars. The development includes a fuel station, tyre centre, food court, optometrist, and hearing aid services along with groceries and homewares.

It is a very solid structure — steel and concrete.

KOROK brought many benefits to the project, the key one being high quality pre-finished internal walls, providing a clean aesthetic. The single-panel system ensured a fast install. Underlying these benefits is great fire and acoustic performance.

KOROK panels have been used:

  • As separation walls between the entry and main shop — ColorSteel Titania, vertical 7.2m high.
  • Around the main lifts — ColorSteel Titania.
  • For the fire escape stairwells — in galv and left visible.

KOROK systems used in this project

Wide view of interior of empty warehouse building with KOROK separation wall at far end

KOROK Warehouse, Retail, Factory System

In factories, warehouses and bulk retail environments, KOROK® provides strong, solid separation walls that are secure and fire compliant with high noise insulating properties.

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