Hobsonville Point

Market Segment: Intertenancy Terraced Housing Systems Location: Auckland
Year: 2019 Product Used: 78mm KOROK panels
Client: Universal Homes Architect: Construkt Architects
Builder: Universal Homes Installer: 

Bringing Kiwi Ingenuity to Hobsonville Point Homes

Here at KOROK®, we’re stoked to have been part of the transformation of the old Hobsonville airbase into a new community. Our innovative KOROK KIR Intertenancy Residential Walls have been key in shaping around 3000 homes across this significant slice of land, including standout spots like the Te Uru Apartments, Walter Merton Road Terraces, Nugget Avenue Terraces, and Buckley A Precinct.

Being part of the Hobsonville Point development really showcases our ability for coming up with smart solutions that tackle the real-world challenges of modern building, especially when it comes to keeping fires at bay and cutting down on noise. Traditional wall setups in flats and hotels usually lean on linings to do this job. But our KIR walls change the game by ditching the need for these linings up top, making the whole building process simpler and slicker.

Smoother Sailing in Building and Design

Our walls have made it quicker and easier to get buildings up at Hobsonville Point. That’s good news for the teams on the ground and means residents can start enjoying their new digs sooner.

Keeping Costs Down

Thanks to the technology behind our KIR panels, we’ve cut down on waste, which means saving some dollars. Those savings can help make other parts of the development even better, making the whole neighbourhood a top spot to live.

Top-Notch Fire and Sound Safety

We’ve put our walls through the wringer to make sure they’re up to scratch for fire safety and noise control. That means folks living in Hobsonville Point can sleep easy, knowing they’ve got solid protection around them.

Built Solid for Extra Peace of Mind

The sturdy design of our walls means homes are not just safe but also built to last. That’s a big plus for anyone calling Hobsonville Point home, offering a secure spot for years to come.

Committed to Excellence in Innovation and Community Building

From the lively look of the Te Uru Apartments to the tidy and thoughtful design of the Walter Merton Road Terraces and the spot-on style of Buckley A Precinct, our KIR panels have been a foundation for success, delivering the goods on fire safety and quiet living.

As we look back on our role at Hobsonville Point, we’re chuffed to have delivered solutions that not only tick the boxes for what’s needed in today’s building scene but also help forge strong, safe, and green communities. Our dedication to coming up with better ways to do things will keep us at the forefront of making homes better for Kiwis everywhere.

KOROK systems used in this project

Terraced housing diagram illustrating KOROK intertenancy system

Intertenancy Terraced Housing Systems

In terraced housing and town houses, conventional framed wall systems rely on the internal linings for fire-resistance. Penetrating these linings potentially destroys the fire-rated barrier.

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