Nugget Avenue Terraces

Market Segment: Intertenancy Terraced Housing Systems Location: Auckland
Year: 2019 Product Used: 78mm KOROK panels
Client: Universal Homes Architect: Construkt Architects
Builder: Universal Homes Installer: 

Welcome to Nugget Avenue Terraces: Modern Living Redefined

Located in the serene Hobsonville Point in Auckland, the recently completed Nugget Avenue Terraces represent a perfect blend of contemporary design and safety, brought to life by Construkt Architects and built by Universal Homes. At the core of this project's innovation is the KOROK Intertenancy Terraced Housing System, which elevates fire and acoustic protection to new heights.

Design That Respects the Landscape

With its design that follows the natural contours of the land, Nugget Avenue Terraces integrates seamlessly into its surroundings. The development's contemporary architecture, characterized by vibrant colors and materials, fits effortlessly within the Buckley B context, making it a natural addition to the neighbourhood.

Enhanced Safety with KOROK

One of the standout feature of Nugget Avenue Terraces is without doubt the KOROK Intertenancy System. Unlike traditional terraced housing, which relies on internal linings for fire resistance, the KOROK system provides a robust fire barrier between homes. In the event of a fire, the system's aluminium brackets are designed to melt on the side facing the fire, allowing the structure to remain supported and protected from the opposite side. This innovative approach not only ensures the safety of residents but also enhances the durability of the buildings.

A Collaborative Effort

This project is a testament to the collaborative effort between Construkt Architects' design expertise and Universal Homes' construction prowess. Together, they've created a space that doesn’t just meet the eye but also ensures a secure and peaceful living environment.

Nugget Avenue Terraces stands as a model of modern terraced living, where design, safety, and harmony with the environment are all equally prioritized. With the introduction of the KOROK system, residents can enjoy a higher standard of living, knowing their homes are built to last and protect.

KOROK systems used in this project

Terraced housing diagram illustrating KOROK intertenancy system

Intertenancy Terraced Housing Systems

In terraced housing and town houses, conventional framed wall systems rely on the internal linings for fire-resistance. Penetrating these linings potentially destroys the fire-rated barrier.

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