Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre

Market Segment: Intertenancy Apartment Systems Location: Wellington
Year: 2020 Product Used: 78mm Panels Gen 2
Client: LT McGuinness Ltd Architect: Studio Pacific Architecture
Builder: LT McGuinness Ltd Installer:

Project Overview:

Located directly across from the New Zealand Museum, Te Papa, this state-of-the-art facility spans three floors. The upper levels feature extensive conference spaces capable of accommodating up to 1600 delegates, while the ground floor is dedicated to both international and domestic exhibitions. Built to a 5-Star Greenstar standard, Tākina represents the pinnacle of sustainable building practices in New Zealand.

KOROK Contribution

Product Supplied: 78mm Panels Gen 2
Service Provided: Multilevel Intertenancy Fire and Acoustic Rated  Walls Systems

At KOROK, we are proud to have supplied our advanced 78mm Panels Gen 2 for the Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre. Our involvement in this prestigious project began early, allowing us to influence both the design and buildability aspects significantly.

Key Features and Benefits of KOROK Panels

  1. Fire and Acoustic Rated Protection:
    In the realm of apartment and hotel construction, conventional framed wall systems typically rely on linings to deliver fire resistance and acoustic control. Our Intertenancy Residential Wall Panels eliminate the need for ceiling plenum linings while maintaining these essential protective qualities.
  2. Simplified Construction:
    Our innovative design streamlines the construction process, resulting in faster program times, reduced waste, and overall cost savings. By simplifying design, detailing, and construction, KOROK walls facilitate a more efficient build process.
  3. Solid Wall Security:
    KOROK Intertenancy Apartment Walls offer the combined benefits of robust fire and acoustic performance with the security of a solid wall design. This ensures not only compliance with safety standards but also enhances the overall structural integrity of the building.

Project Highlights

  • Earthquake Protection: Tākina's structural resilience is ensured by 32 base isolators, allowing for movement up to 750mm in any direction.
  • Innovative Design: The building features an expansive curtain wall, curved entries, and large stud heights, posing unique construction challenges that were successfully managed.
  • Health and Safety: Despite the complexities, the project saw no major accidents, highlighting the effectiveness of rigorous health and safety protocols.
  • Budget and Timeline: Thanks to a transparent tender model and precise planning, the project was completed within budget and on schedule, even amid market fluctuations.


The Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre is not just a testament to modern architectural brilliance but also to the superior performance and reliability of KOROK products. By choosing KOROK, LT McGuinness Ltd ensured that Tākina met the highest standards of fire safety, acoustic control, and construction efficiency. We are proud to have played a crucial role in delivering this landmark project, enhancing Wellington's skyline and setting a benchmark in sustainable, innovative construction.

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KOROK: Redefining standards in fire and acoustic rated wall systems for safer, quieter, and more efficient construction.

KOROK systems used in this project

Generic KIR system

Intertenancy Apartment Systems

At KOROK® we have developed a new series of KIR KOROK® Intertenancy Residential Walls that remove the need for linings in the ceiling plenum whilst maintaining fire resistance and acoustic control performance.

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