Frequently Asked Questions

1. What warranty comes with the product?

There is a 15-year warranty from KOROK® Building Systems NZ Limited for correctly installed intertenancy walls.

Full details can be read here.


2. Is it widely used by builders, how long has it been around and is it a reputable product?

KOROK® panels have been used for over 20 years. You can find them in nearly every cinema in NZ (because their acoustic qualities are so good); in many high-rises around the lift shafts and stairs (because they offer such great fire protection); and between many terraced houses and apartments (for both fire and acoustic protection).


3. What is it made of and how thick is it?

KOROK® panels are made from a galvanised steel shell, filled with aerated concrete. They are NZ-made and are fully recyclable. KOROK® panels come in two thicknesses 51mm and 78mm.


4. How soundproof is it, will I be able to hear the children next door?

The building code requires a certain level of acoustic protection between terraced houses (STC 55). Many builders go above and beyond this and we have terraced housing systems up to STC 69.

KOROK® panels are designed so that you can’t hear your neighbours and are also good at blocking lower base noise. Remember that it is used in most cinemas in New Zealand so that Avengers: Endgame doesn’t impact on A Quiet Place.


5. How fireproof are the shared walls?

The building code requires a certain level of fire protection between terraced houses (30 minutes). Most builders go above and beyond this providing you and your property with at least an hour of fire protection.