Introducing KOROK 360: Support for Your Project from Specification Through to Installation

Taking “Support” In the New Zealand Construction Industry to the Next Level

In the ever-changing and challenging world of construction, it's crucial to have the right kind of backup to tackle any project head-on. That's where we step in with something pretty special – KOROK 360. It's our latest effort to provide top-notch support from start to finish on your construction projects.

What KOROK 360 Is All About

KOROK 360 is all about shaking things up a bit in the New Zealand construction industry. We think it's time to give you a hand with a bit of everything – from getting your project off the ground to crossing the finish line. Our goal is to set a new standard for support, making sure we're there for our new and longstanding clients.

Support and Innovation

First of its kind in New Zealand's firewall and acoustic wall systems industry, KOROK 360 covers all bases. We’re here to make sure every part of your project runs smoothly, blending excellent support with our know-how to make your job easier.

All the Support You Need, When You Need It

New Chapter

KOROK 360 embodies our commitment to innovation, providing the comprehensive support you need. Welcome to KOROK 360, where your project's needs are met with precision, expertise, and solid support.