Technical Bulletin July 2024

KOROK has a culture of investing in product testing across our core market segments, believing in developing systems that simplify construction with robust, evidence-based performance.

As our market evolves, so does the demand for high-performance, compliant systems. KOROK continually strives to stay ahead, providing evidence-based solutions, supporting documentation, technical support, and literature to the New Zealand Construction Industry.

Our technical team, led by David Cornelius, brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for the KOROK brand. We balance product innovation, testing, and technical support, ensuring that the industry benefits from practical, test-based solutions.

Pathway to testing:

KOROK collaborates with leading institutions such as BRANZ,  Auckland University Acoustics Testing ServicesCSIRO, and Warringtonfire Australia, alongside industry-leading fire and structural engineers, manufacturers, and consultants. This collaboration aims to deliver performance-based solutions that meet ever-evolving design requirements.

The testing process begins by identifying industry challenges, followed by setting objectives and the steps required to facilitate a solution. KOROK evaluates both suitability and compliance requirements while considering simple installation methodologies. A systematic evaluation of needs leads to a well-structured test program and assessments.

David and his team rigorously assess and refine processes, aiming to provide the market with simple, high-performance systems and applications that enhance both functionality and efficiency. Our goal is to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.