KOROK 360 - Complete Support, Every Step of the Way

KOROK 360 – Where Innovation Meets Support

At KOROK, we understand the complexities involved in construction and manufacturing projects. That's why we've introduced KOROK 360, a testament to our commitment to providing a holistic support package. The '360' in our branding is more than a number; it symbolizes the full-circle support we offer, ensuring that no aspect of your project is overlooked. 

Our Objective

Our goal with KOROK 360 is to redefine "support" within the construction and manufacturing industry for both new and existing clients. Offering an extensive range of services tailored to optimize and enhance every phase of your projects, from the initial concept to the final touches.

What Sets KOROK 360 Apart

KOROK 360 distinguishes itself as the first and only, New Zealand-made support package in the firewall and acoustic wall systems sector. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled support and expertise throughout the entirety of your project's lifecycle. With KOROK 360, clients gain access to expert guidance and support at every step, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and successful project outcome.


All the Support You Need, When You Need It

Dedicated Sales & Specification Support:

Our sales support team is at your disposal, ready to help you in the office, on-site, run training sessions, presentations and more. Contact Sales & Spec Support

Expert Tech Support:

Benefit from our technical experts for guidance, compliance and troubleshooting, ensuring your project keeps moving without difficulty. Contact Tech Support

Estimation & Pricing Support:

Leverage our detailed quantity surveying expertise to ensure your project's resources are optimized, preventing waste and ensuring cost-effectiveness throughout the lifecycle of your project. Contact Support

Made to Measure:

Just like a tailor-made suit, we'll make sure our products fit your project perfectly. We will assist you in placing your orders and ETA enquiries. Contact Orders Support

National Logistics Service:

No matter where you are in New Zealand, we’ll get our products to you right on time, so your project stays on track. Contact Logistic Support

Installation & Training Support:

Our on-ground support during the installation. Ensures compliance with standards and maximises the performance of our firewall and acoustic wall systems. Contact Installation Support


Commitment to sustainability and transparency, and supporting green building practices. Contact Support