Super fast installation


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KOROK® panels consist of a steel shell filled with aerated concrete. Having a solid wall provides peace of mind to occupants’ in the knowledge that they are physically separated from neighbouring dwellings.

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KOROK® panels offer superior mass over traditional timber and plasterboard or equivalent systems resulting in enhanced sound attenuation, particularly in the more invasive lower frequencies. This means that residents are comfortable in their own space without the intrusion of noise from other dwellings.

Installing intertenancy walls


KOROK® panels provide all the fire protection you need. You can run electrical and plumbing services on an intertenancy wall, without the need for special penetration seals around each pipe or light switch. This allows you the flexibility of placing a TV and kitchen where you want, and the ability to hang pictures on the wall without compromising the fire and acoustic resistance of the intertenancy wall.

Three workers installing a firewall on building exterior


KOROK® panels are fast to install. Installation can be done by a three-man team, with no need for cranes. Made to measure means there’s no on-site waste and because the walls can be re-positioned or recycled, it’s a sustainable way of building.

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