Ensuring Complete Safety: KOROK Apartment Wall Solutions

For over  25 years, KOROK has been a trusted provider of high-performance fire and acoustic walls for the multi-level construction market. Now, with the introduction of the KOROK KIR high-performance intertenancy apartment wall systems, KOROK offers comprehensive solutions for seamless floor plate transitions.

Our systems integrate lift cores, riser ducts, stair cores, hallways, and apartments into one streamlined package. Experience unparalleled fire, seismic, acoustic, and safety protection with KOROK – your all-in-one solution for modern construction needs.

Simplify with KOROK: Combining Performance and Safety

Experience the perfect blend of simplicity and performance with KOROK. Our range of IT wall solutions incorporates fire protection, seismic deflection, passive safety, and acoustic efficiency, all while eliminating complex build-ups. KOROK delivers unmatched performance, safety, and simplicity for your construction needs.

Intertenancy Apartment Solution

  • Early Installation
  • Solid & Secure
  • Tested performance
  • STC rating from 55 up to 69
  • Fire rating from FFR 30 to FRRFFR 120
  • Simplified program continuity
  • Waste reduction with custom lengths

Wall Transition

  • Tested Fire Door Solutions
  • Simple transitioning for interface junctions

Corridor, Service Riser & Ducts

  • Multiple wall design solutions
  • Single-sided fix
  • Non-weather dependent
  • Simple passive fire service penetrations allowing for early services installation
  • Programme Continuity
  • Reduction in scaffolding
  • Early Inspection & installation

Lift Cores

  • Structural steel infills
  • Intumescent coated steel connections
  • Slab to Slab options
  • Early fix services & lift components
  • Added fall protection
  • Simple penetration solutions
  • Door head solutions
  • Early installation & sequencing continuity

Stair Core & Scissors Stairs

  • Safe exit
  • Linings are optional
  • Prefinished colour coated panel options
  • Prefinished panel provide a cost-effective, single fixed solution
  • Reduced structural steel
  • Multiple installation solutions
  • Programme continuity
  • Small crew to install
  • Lightweight simplicity
  • Handrail connection