KOROK® External

The KOROK® External Wall Systems are all-in-one wall solutions for fire, acoustic and weather protection in external applications.

KOROK® is lightweight and economical when used for fire-rated boundary walls in commercial constructions. Installation can generally be managed by a small installation crew and no cranes are required on site. Due to KOROK®’s lightweight composition, no specially engineered slab is required, leading to significant cost savings and programme advantages.

KOROK® External Wall Systems provide cost-effective weather-tight systems that offer an all-in-one solution covering pre-finished exteriors, superior fire and acoustic ratings and fast, easy construction, generally without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

Developed specifically for New Zealand conditions, KOROK® External Wall Systems can be used in most exterior situations including very high wind zones without the need for additional cladding.

KOROK® External Wall Systems offer solutions that enhance the fire and acoustic ratings without the need for extra internal framing.


A full list of ColorSteel colours for external systems are available here.

Specify a system

Code STC FRR Wall thickness Frame Cavity CAD drawing
EX1Read summary

KOROK® 78mm COLORSTEEL® panels (400 Kg/m3 density) with no linings attached

36 -/120/120 78mm N/A N/A
EX2Read summary

KOROK® 78mm COLORSTEEL® panels (400 Kg/m3 density) with steel battens at 600mm maximum centres on the internal side, lined with 1 layer of 19mm GIB Fyreline® or acceptable GIB® alternatives or 2 layers of 10mm GIB Fyreline® or acceptable GIB® alternatives

42 -/180/180 N/A N/A N/A

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