Airport Control Tower

Market Segment: Lift Shafts, Risers, Ducts Location: Wellington
Year: 2016 Product Used: 78mm KOROK panels
Client: Hawkins Construction Architect: Studio Pacific Architecture with Paris Magdalinos Architects
Builder: Hawkins Construction Installer: 

In August 2018 Wellington Airport got a new air traffic control tower, to support the more than 97,000 flights that arrive and depart Wellington Airport each year.

Built to meet 100 per cent of the building code for a structure of its importance level, the tower is one of New Zealand’s safest buildings. Thirteen base isolators have been installed within its foundations to provide a high level of resilience against earthquakes.

The tower is 32 metres above ground level, giving the controllers working in the tower panoramic views across the airfield.

KOROK systems used in this project

Interior view of a KOROK lined lift shaft

Lift Shafts, Risers, Ducts

For lift shafts and duct walls, KOROK® offers significant advantages over traditional construction. As panels can be installed from one side only, there is no requirement to construct scaffolding inside the shaft, greatly reducing construction time and costs.

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