Honey NZ: Cost-Saving and Lightweight KOROK External COLORSTEEL Walls Systems

Market Segment: External Wall Systems Location: Hamilton
Year: 2019 Product Used: 78mm KOROK panels
Client: Steel Shed Systems Architect:
Builder: Steel Shed Systems Installer:

Next time you find yourself passing Hamilton Airport, be sure to look on the opposite side of the road and you will not be disappointed to see Honey New Zealand’s brand-new buildings built by Steel Shed Systems.

Honey NZ arguably produces New Zealand’s finest Pure Manuka Honey. Originally tracing back to 1909, the company has grown to become one of New Zealand’s most successful independently owned Manuka honey companies.

The success Honey NZ has had in New Zealand has allowed the company to expand their services overseas. Honey NZ’s ability to export their products overseas relies on the high quality of their products and strict controls they have in place. Having full control over their supply chain, Honey NZ packs and sources their Manuka Honey across New Zealand. The honey is then tested twice by independent laboratories to ensure its authenticity and UMF Level. Honey NZ distributes across the country and exports their products to their bases in Australia, the USA, and the United Kingdom.

KOROK systems used in this project

Generic external wall system

External Wall Systems

KOROK® External Wall Systems are all-in-one wall solutions for fire, acoustic and weather protection for external applications, including boundary walls.

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A distinctive feature of the Honey NZ buildings is KOROK® External COLORSTEEL® Wall system. KOROK® provides high performing fire and acoustic rated wall systems and this has been used by Steel Shed Systems to clad Honey NZ’s new building on Airport Road. KOROK® External COLORSTEEL® Wall Systems comes in all the colours on the COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® and MAXX® palates including Grey Friars used in Honey NZ new building.   

KOROK® exterior wall systems provide a cost effective, weathertight system that can be constructed by a small crew of people quickly and with ease. KOROK® offers free on-site training (subject to location) as well as providing a comprehensive installation manual. There are several installation groups around the country who are willing to assist when necessary.

KOROK®, like Honey NZ, features the Buy NZ Made label which signifies that it is manufactured entirely within New Zealand and then dispatched from our warehouse in Hamilton. KOROK® has been specifically developed for New Zealand conditions and can be used in most exterior situations including very high wind zones without the need for additional cladding making it an ideal feature for any building. KOROK® is proud to be featured within Steel Shed System’s new buildings for Honey NZ as it gives the ability to showcase the products alongside and in support of arguably one of New Zealand’s most recognisable Manuka Honey Brands.